The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (PPTFH) relies upon four committees of community volunteers to achieve its goal of managing and eliminating the destructive consequences of homelessness in the Palisades.



The Communications Committee oversees, coordinates, and conducts all task force communications which include PPTFH’s community meetings/webinars, website, newsletter, print materials, public information announcements and media and community relations.

Pam McGranahan, Chair

Sharon Browning

Robin Degtjarewsky

Shannon Duffy

Elizabeth Fore Keatinge      

Sharon Kilbride

Bev Lowe

Mary Elizabeth Horan                             

LIz Mullan

Elise Reagan

Christine d’Arc Taylor

Volunteer Response Team

The First Responder Committee engages and directs unhoused individuals to our Outreach Team for services. The volunteers maintain the safety and cleanliness of our hillsides and beaches with the help from our LAPD partners.

Sharon Kilbride, Chair

Sherry Berman

Patrick Hart

Helga Jessen  

Carmen Kallberg

Dan Keatinge

Nancy Klopper

Lou Kamer

Kate Lally

Frank Langen

Carlos Rodriguez

Lee Anne Sanderson

Bruce Schwartz 

Greg Seltzer

Danielle Smeeton

Dede Vlietstra

Cindi Young



The Fundraising Committee’s role is to raise funds to insure PPTFH’s financial viability.  The Committee welcomes and maintains Funding Partner donors for 3-year commitments, applies for community and foundation grants, and annually solicits individual donations within the community.  When appropriate, the Committee solicits and coordinates in-kind donations.

Barbara Overland, Co-Chair

Carol Sanborn, Co-Chair

Sharon Browning

Helga Jessen

Nancy Klopper

Barbara Kohn

Bev Lowe

Bruce Schwartz

Rikki Smoot

Outreach Oversight

The Outreach Oversight Committee collaborates with The People Concern (which provides PPTFH on a contract basis with a full time, professional outreach team) to coordinate and oversee the Outreach Team’s work with homeless clients.

Sharon Browning , Chair 

Helga Jessen

Sharon Kilbride

Pam McGranahan

Dede Vlietstra

The People Concern outreach team and support staff




The Volunteer Committee seeks out and encourages our Palisades community of neighbors, places of worship, and organizations who believe in the mission of PPTFH to volunteer on one of the PPTFH committees or to support our mission in any way they can. The Committee also requests, receives and organizes donated items, such as hygiene kits that can be used to engage with homeless individuals.

Kim Clary, Chair

Jason Baker

DeAnn Healy

Helga Jessen

Carol Sanborn

Rikki Smoot

Dede Vlietstra

PPTFH Meeting News:

Presentations from a Past Community Meeting


An examination of the current homeless situation and some of the ways we can do more to address the issue.