The Task Force hosts bimonthly forums to connect with the Palisades community. At each meeting, we answer questions, solicit ideas, provide progress updates, and convene experts to address the pressing issues related to homelessness. These meetings are discussion opportunities - not lectures - and we appreciate every contribution.  The ideas debated here ultimately turn into concrete solutions, whether it's a Panhandling Policy or partnerships with local agencies.


Our efforts are only as strong as the community that supports them, so we encourage all to attend, whether they're new to the issue or have engaged with it for years.

Upcoming Virtual Meeting Topic

Topic: Street Drugs and Homelessness: A Devastating Combination

Monday, January 25th, 2021 | 7 PM PST via Zoom

Featured Speakers:
Amanda Cowan, Outreach Director for Clarematrix
Veronica DeLaCruz, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney

PPTFH is seeing increasing numbers of homeless individuals who are using drugs, along with evidence of drug dealing, especially meth. Amanda Cowan, Outreach Director for Clarematrix, an organization focused on substance abuse disorders, will speak about drugs, their effects and research-proven treatments to overcome addiction. Amanda will be joined by Veronica DeLaCruz, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney, who will discuss the legal aspects of drug sales and possession, including pending laws and orders and their implications for people experiencing homelessness.

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When you register for the meeting, help us by submitting questions and comments in advance. Let us know what you want to know!


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