Our newsletter highlights the latest activities and developments in homelessness services in Pacific Palisades and notifies about Community Meetings.

Past Newsletters
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The following is an excerpt from the July-August 2020 Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness Newsletter.  To read this newsletter in full, please click here.

Pictured: One of the Project Roomkey Hotels

Amid state and local focus on developing, building, and finding housing for individuals experiencing homelessness, along came COVID-19. Los Angeles officials reacted initially by setting up shelters in neighborhood recreation centers. However, as the pandemic spread, concerns about group-living environments arose. Enter Project Roomkey (PRK), a state project to provide 15,000 rooms in hotels and motels for vulnerable homeless individuals. Due to the absence of tourists and travelers, over 70% of the state’s hotel rooms became vacant. State officials saw a win-win opportunity: pay the hotel and motel owners rent and provide rooms for vulnerable homeless individuals. FEMA approved a 75 percent federal cost-share for each housed homeless person who was vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age...

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