Our Approach and Goals

Our Progress Reports


We measure progress by tracking:

  • the number of homeless people engaged and housed by our outreach team from The People Concern

  • the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) annual homeless count 

  • the number of abandoned encampments cleaned and removed (both encampments pre-existing the formation of PPTFH and those on-going after its formation) 

  • the number of people our PPTFH enforcement coordination volunteers provide service cards to and connect with The People Concern outreach team

Our three-pronged approach


City and County resources are simply unable to meet expanded community protection and effectively meet the needs of homeless individuals living with multiple and complex disabilities. 


The Palisades community recognizes that in order to preserve and protect its quality of life, and at the same time address the needs of our homeless people, it must proactively initiate and support a unified approach to helping the City and County address our community’s needs. Our three strategic goals:

Ensure that community protection and safety is a top priority.
Engage and connect homeless people to professional services and available housing.
Maximize community-wide involvement and support.